Community Focus Week 2015

In October KS2 and KS3 got really involved in Community Focus Week in a wide variety of ways that helped their own tutor group, the school and the wider local communities.

1KS2 created a pathway and a fire pit to help their community, built a wellie stand for their boots and a wooden planter for the front of the school. They also had a lot of visits from people2 who help in our community, such as the police and the fire service, who brought a lot of equipment and were really interesting.

The boys built models of some of the key buildings in our local community, including a fire station, a police station and a hospital.

KS3 visited the Trussell Trust in Littlehampton to see exactly how they organise their food parcels, what sort of things go into a family parcel and learn about all the other ways this important charity helps people.3

When they came back to school they researched the history of this national charity as well as finding out more about the work they do. They then got really involved in raising money to support the work being done to help local people. Each group then decided which items to buy and donate to the Trussell Trust. The boxes of essentials were very heavy to deliver but no-one complained as nealry £80 worth of food was carried in by Group 2!

KS2 were also involved in the fund raising but they chose to decorate plant pots and fill them with 5cyclamen as a gift for the clients in Littlehampton who would not be able to buy such luxuries. The decorations were highly individual and very colourful, making the plant look even more colourful.





KS3 helped the local community in a more practical way too: they went out clearing footpaths and bridleways so that people can get about more easily in the countryside, raking the uneven paths, cutting back brambles and generally making access easier.

Everyone helped create a helping hand to decorate the fence– summing up the focus of the week in a very clever, colourful way!