science-2-225x300 Louie Wood

Science is a subject which excites, inspires and engages students at Cornfield School. As a subject it can open the door to more confident and informed interaction with the world, especially in this era of fast paced technological change, environmental issues and media packed with scientific claims and headlines. The Science curriculum at Cornfield School enables students to become critical thinkers and develop ideas creatively through hands-on investigation, analysis and questioning; building the skills and knowledge required for students to be scientifically literate both at school and in their adult lives thereafter.

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Lessons are taught in a fully equipped, purpose built laboratory. Teaching focuses on the four key areas: ‘Working Scientifically’, ‘Biology’, ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Physics’ and is delivered through a mixture of relevant practical investigations, discussion based activities, individual and group work. Alongside this, students are able to develop their literacy and numeracy skills as both are integral to planning, investigating and communicating scientific ideas effectively.

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At Cornfield School students fully access the National Curriculum at KS3 and GCSE accreditation routes are matched to student needs at KS4.