Ethics is a vibrant subject at Cornfield School and covers all six major religions DSCN1981-150x150of the world with a particular focus on Christianity, in line with the West Sussex Agreed Syllabus, as well as looking at secular and Humanist viewpoints.  The new curriculum at KS3 sets aspirational AWL targets to enable students to build on their skills and knowledge with a view to studying external exams at KS4.  The curriculum has British Values at its core and seeks to develop students’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural understanding; questioning and reflecting on their own viewpoints; the viewpoints of others and how this impacts on wider society.

The lessons are designed to engage and support all students in their learning to cater for students’ diversity of preferred learning styles and learning needs.  We strongly believe that Ethics should allow students to explore cultural and religious diversity, understanding the ideas of meaning and purpose and how these beliefs seek to answer ultimate questions whilst developing values of respect, tolerance and understanding of others’ beliefs.

Ethics will be offered as a GCSE option at KS4.  The course offers students the opportunity to study one religion in depth which is then complimented with a moral issues and ethics paper.  Ethics is 100% written work exam with no coursework, key literacy skills are embedded into the learning and more time can be allocated to teaching the course content and developing the skills needed for success.