Physical Education

The PE Department aims to provide our students with a curriculum consisting of a wide range of activities. These encourage pupils to engage in, acquire and develop skills in a variety of different areas. At the forefront of the department is the introduction, teaching and embedding of many different sports such as cricket, hockey and basketball. In offering and supporting the learning of these sports it allows students to improve their basic skills set but also increase their teamwork, social skills and ability to deal with the demands of competition settings and their expectations.


In addition to this students increase their physical fitness in both practical and theoretical teaching sessions by learning how to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle inside and outside of the school community. A real success of the department is the enrichment of students as sports leaders. Students across the key stages share their knowledge and excel in demonstrating leadership and mentoring skills to their peers and lower down in the school. This provides them with core skills that are then transferrable in everyday life and as they move on their educational journey.


Within the PE Department there are plenty of opportunities to gain qualifications to enhance future options for our students. Throughout lower school and upper school, each activity that students take part in counts towards an AQA accreditation. Within KS4, PE BTEC is offered, which allows students to achieve an award that not only celebrates their achievements but also contributes to future employment and qualifications.

3 As a PE department we have developed a range of links with Littlehampton boxing club, Sussex cricket club and Brighton and Albion football club which offer students workshops that advance their learning. We also challenge those who excel, hopefully leading to these students joining clubs outside school. Pupils also have opportunities to represent the school in fixtures with other local and regional schools.