Physical Education

Subject Overview 

5 The PE Department aims to provide our students with a curriculum consisting of a wide   range of activities that encourage pupils to engage in: acquiring and developing skills,   selecting and applying, evaluating and improving and knowledge/understanding of   health and fitness. Furthermore, to create a lifelong interest in physical activity. Physical   Education and Sport provides pupils with skills that can be transferred to life outside   school such as teamwork, cooperation, understanding of  how physical education can   improve stand of mind and also develop their analytical skills in both the practical and theory setting.


Within the PE Department there is plenty of opportunities to gain qualifications to enhance future options for our students. Throughout lower school and upper school, each activity that students take part in they can achieve an AQA accreditation for. Within KS4 PE BTEC was introduced September 2017, which allows students to achieve an award or certificate to take with them onto their next educational setting.

Qualifications Enrichment opportunities

3 As a PE Department we have developed a range of links with the likes of Littlehampton   boxing club, Sussex cricket club and Brighton and Albion football club. Pupils also have   the option of representing the school in many activities in order to compete against   pupils from other local and regional schools. Especially in half termly celebratory fixtures   against the schools federation partner Oak Grove College, this allows students to show   what they have learnt and the opportunity to celebrate their successes with other   schools.