Outdoor Learning

Forest School in the Lower School:

The students undertake a weekly session to Houghton Forest. Here they undertake a range of activities such as fire striking, making fires, using kelly kettles to manage a fire also using tools such as knives and bow saws. Students make a dead wood shelter where we use this as a base for the activities.

Over the year the students learn skills about knot tying, identifying birds, trees and working out their age, walking and basic navigation. Students work towards a variety of AQA Awards and so they can achieve certification in each of the activities.

Outdoor Learning in Groups 3, 4 & 5:

OP IMG_1684

Key Stage 3 students undertake Wider Key Skills. The students are taught how to work with others, improve their own learning and performance and problem solving. Students work towards a variety of AQA Awards. Students use a practical based subject to learn about First Aid, teamwork skills, bushcraft skills.



Outdoor Pursuits in KS4:


Key Stage 4 students undertake a weekly off site trip. Students use a variety of activities OP IMGP0050such as Navigation on the South Downs Way, indoor rock climbing, archery, rifle shooting and water sports such as canoeing and kayaking. Students are taught about personal confidence, being out of their comfort zone, identifying ways of dealing with challenging situations. Students work towards a range of awards such as AQA’s, NICAS for indoor climbing and PaddlePower for watersports.


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