Outdoor Learning

At Cornfield we give the students an opportunity to undertake Outdoor Pursuits each week as part of their curriculum. Outdoor Pursuits can promote active learning through direct personal experience and offer excitement, fun and adventure within a framework of safety.
Use of the outdoors makes a major contribution to physical and environmental education and enhances many other curriculum areas. It contributes to personal growth and social awareness and develops skills for life and the world of work. Qualities such as a sense of responsibility and a purpose in life are nurtured. There is also a great deal of intrinsic enjoyment and satisfaction to be experienced from participation in outdoor activities.
Building self-confidence and self-esteem is fundamental to any young person’s development.
Outdoor activities provide valuable alternative, often non-competitive, avenues for achievement, as well as opportunities to develop independence and self-reliance. Through successfully facing up to the challenges which outdoor activities provide, overcoming fears and apprehensions along the way, young people make major strides in confidence, with implications for all aspects of their development.
A positive attitude to learning is essential if young people are to make the most of their education.
Participation in exciting and enjoyable outdoor activities with Cornfield teachers and students reinforces a positive attitude to education and contributes significantly to the general ethos of the school. Direct experience out of doors stimulates and reinforces learning across many areas of the curriculum, and the use of the outdoors encourages young people to take greater responsibility for their own learning.
Cornfield students can expect to be challenged in a safe and controlled manner undertaking a variety of Outdoor Pursuits such as rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, bushcraft skills, archery and air rifle shooting. The students will be working towards a variety of external accredited awards such as AQA’s, National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme, John Muir Award, Paddle Power Scheme and in 2019 we will be introducing the Duke of Edinburgh scheme to the Key Stage 4 students.

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