maths 1At Cornfield the Maths curriculum is centred on the learning of key mathematical concepts in Number, Algebra, Shape, Space and Measure and Data handling. Lessons are designed to help develop student’s ability to use and apply these concepts as well as develop independent learning skills which help make mathematics accessible to our students in the real world.


In years 10 & 11 students follow the Edexcel course syllabus at either Higher or Foundation level depending on their progress at Key Stage 3.

There is regular consultation between the department, students and parents to discuss the best possible route for the individual, with the student’s individual needs taken into considerate throughout the year to enable the best learning outcomes for all.maths 2

Students are encouraged to study Maths in a more practical and hands on manner to stimulate their senses and give them a real feel for the reality of Maths in the modern world.”