maths 1Maths at Cornfield is changing.

In KS3, students are learning to improve their thinking and problem solving skills through investigations and embedding of key skills.  Throughout KS3, students will be studying the following topics:

Algebraic Thinking / Place Value & Proportion / Application of Number / Directed Number / Fractional Thinking / Lines & Angles / Reasoning with Number / Proportional Reasoning / Representations / Algebraic Techniques / Developing Number / Developing Geometry / Reasoning with Data

maths ninjas


Students will also be earning their coloured belts each week in their Numeracy Ninjas challenge, answering 30 questions in 5 minutes on Key Maths Life Skills.

In KS4, students are preparing for their Functional Skills Maths Level 1 and 2 and GCSE according to age and ability.  Functional Skills Maths gives them the opportunity to see Maths being used in real life contexts and gives students a stepping stone towards completing their GCSE Maths at the end of Year 11.