Key Stage 2


IMGP0354-300x224 The Key Stage Two unit was established five years ago and has proved to be a positive   stepping off point to the Upper School. Students have an opportunity to immerse   themselves in a thematically based curriculum with time and guidance to fill in any     academic or social gaps. We are a caring unit promoting and encouraging co-operation,   tolerance and self-discipline. We especially value creativity and imagination, and strive to   give the children the best possible experience.


Throughout our curriculum and there is a strong emphasis on individual approaches to learning in all lessons. Daily reading, writing and mathematics lessons provide a secure basis to access the full curriculum. Topics are varied and aim to capture the imagination and interests of the students. We are lucky to be able to offer daily physical education  and music too, including enjoying  the outdoors environment with the wider key skills lessons.


IMG_5918-300x225 As a unit we aim to provide a personal learning environment for all students where they   will be constantly encouraged to meet new challenges and reach their full potential. We   believe the broad curriculum with its emphasis on creativity, spiritual, physical and   cultural development, as well as the acquisition of basic skills, to be suitable for all   needs. Our focus is to help students to develop lifelong learning skills, independence   and resilience, in a happy and secure environment.

We work collaboratively across the school and are committed to aiming high!