According to Andrea Carr of Naace, “Effective use of ICT across the curriculum results in significantly increased levels of pupil engagement which in turn raises levels of attainment, particularly with struggling learners.” The importance of the role played by Information and Communication Technology in all aspects of today’s world is one that is clearly recognised at Cornfield.

ICT lesson

ICT is taught as a discrete subject throughout KS2, KS3 and KS4 and follows a skills-based curriculum which is will be combined with aspects of computer programming. The aims of the new curriculum are to provide students with a broader range of computing skills and a greater understanding of the future as programs develop.

Initially we focus on digital communication skills, using word processing and presentation programs, databases and online applications. We extend into digital literacy, considering the impact of ICT on society, social networking and finding accurate information.  We use a range of programs which relate specifically to particular curriculum areas so that the students’ learning is fully supported and enhanced by the new technologies, enabling them to begin to understand the place of technology in the world.

As the student progresses we look into control and programming applications, looking to increase their technical understanding of algorithms, electronic devices and systems design, while all the time we highlight the issues of safety, security and the law,

We currently enter our students for the Functional Skills level 1 examinations as soon as they are ready, and then continue to extend their skills for the level 2 examination which is equivalent to half a GCSE grade B.

We regularly review the exam qualifications we are offering and endeavour to tailor the external qualifications to the students and their needs.