At Key Stage 3 History and Geography are taught on a rotation basis so that students get an all round picture of the things that make us what we are today. Students learn about key events that are part of our history and also about the forces that shape our world.

From the development of political power to the rise of democracy students are given opportunities to explore the historical forces that drive historical change and the impact the forces of nature have on shaping the physical environment.

At Cornfield we recognise the importance of giving our students as much individual support as possible whilst not smothering their natural curiosity to find out things for themselves. In fact, we actively encourage independent learning.

Many of the historical events we study are directly linked to our lives today and we celebrate these throughout the school.

Humanities form an exciting part of the curriculum and students are encouraged to question our past, present and future and make connections that will give them a clearer picture of history and physical environment.