Group One

  1. Intent:
  2. Develop the social and emotional skills to function effectively in a classroom environment that encompasses the school expectations.
  3. Analyse and develop basic reading and writing skills to ensure an accelerated rate of progress to enable them to access the curriculum.
  4. Analyse and develop numeracy skills to create an individual learning program that advances the students understanding and application of mathematical ideas.
  5. Encourage a love of learning across the curriculum and an appreciation of the wider world in which they live.
  • Implementation:

The curriculum is currently based on the National Curriculum for years two and three with an understanding that there may be many areas that need revisiting from earlier years. Topic areas will be focused on science as the students need more exposure to this area.

Maintain the emphasis on reading and extended writing through individualised interventions in the classroom. Encourage independent learning within the classroom.

  • Impact:

Impact will be measured using summative assessment approximately every six weeks, this enables the department to focus on formative assessment from lesson to lesson. Our formative assessments are designed to support students in achieving fluency in each subject area whilst we provide individual support with an aim to independence. The lessons will be designed to provide opportunities to challenge their reading and writing.