Craig Peters visit on 21st October 2016

Craig is a local man who has taken on a fitness challenge to raise money for a cause close to his heart: St. George’s Hospital in photoLondon where his twin sons who were born 3 months premature were treated for TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome).

After the expert help and support the hospital gave his family, Craig wanted to give something back; playing his part in what he sees as the community of families dealing with the same challenges with the help of St George’s.

Craig’s challenge fits in with our community week fitness focus as it involves him taking on a 1 year burpee challenge, which he is documenting each day through videos posted on the internet. On Jan 1st he did 1 burpee, Jan 2nd 2, Jan 3rd 3 and so on until Dec 31st where he will do 366 (leap year!). That’s over 67,000 burpees over the course of the year. Also, on Dec 3rd he will be making a Guiness World Record attempt for the number of burpees in 12 hours and then 24 hours.


So far Craig has raised just under £5000, appeared on local TV and gained support from Brighton and Hove Albion and Reebok.

On Friday he will be visiting school to see the presentations/work each group has completed over the week and then do an assembly where he will tell the students his story and explain some of his motivations. After lunch with us, he is going to do some of his burpees for the day during GT and has invited any students and staff to join him who wish to show their support.

Please let your groups know about Craig’s visit and explain what a burpee is in preparation for GT choices (liaise with Co, Ev or Wh if you need) and if over the next few days you would like to do any research work on Craig, TTTS, St George’s Hospital or his challenge in general, you may find the following websites helpful: