Focus Weeks

IMG_2161-150x150 At Cornfield we have three Focus Weeks for KS3 students each year.  They are carefully   designed to extend and expand the curriculum in different and exciting ways so that the   students learn vital life skills and develop their social skills.



Focus weeks are based on three main themes; community, business and enterprise and DSCN0838-150x150lifestyles. Throughout these weeks students are developing literacy and numeracy  skills outside of the standard class setting and also using and enhancing their social skills through hands on learning.

DSCN2125-150x150 In addition to these core elements the community week explores our   school community and also wider communities on a local and global   scale, exploring different cultures and improving their empathy for others.



In business and enterprise week students are learning about how businesses work by BnE-2012-150x150creating and running their own companies. This allows students to prepare for the world of work by developing vital communication skills and practising social interaction with members of the public during our business fair.



IMG_1891-150x150 The final week of the year is based on life-styles. This focuses on introducing students   to alternative activities that they may not have access to. These may include sports or   various other outside activities. In addition to this students also experience a range of   cooking and arts. Past activities include kite surfing, disability sports and mountain   biking.