What we offer in English at Cornfield:

All of our schemes of work are tailored to the interests and individual needs of the pupils that we teach, as we offer a diverse and exciting range of texts, media sources and interactive activities, which both enrich and enthuse their knowledge about their immediate community and the world around them.

We also strive to help each pupil develop and secure their confidence and skills in the key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Along with this, all levels of assessment and the criteria for successfully achieving a target grade are shared with the pupils, so they are able to access the curriculum and also fully participate in their learning journeys whilst at Cornfield.

The curriculum in KS3:

Each year group has the opportunity to study popular and thought-provoking novels such as ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’, ‘My Sword Hand Is Singing’ and ‘Guantamano Boy’, as well as a range of inspiring and beautifully illustrated graphic novels.

They also learn how to develop upon their skills of writing within a range of different contexts, as well as gaining the knowledge of how to interpret a text through its language choice and use of images.

The curriculum in KS4:

In KS4 the pupils build upon the skills they would have already developed within KS3, as they are continually supported in the key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, in preparation for their final GCSE exams.

As well as this, the pupils are also introduced to new skills and work expectations such as analysing media sources and GCSE Controlled Assessments.