What we offer in English at Cornfield:

All our learning pathways in English are tailored to the interests and individual needs of the pupils that we teach. We offer a diverse and exciting range of texts, media sources and interactive activities, which both enrich and enthuse student’s subject knowledge and help them understand the world outside of school.

We strive to help each pupil develop and secure their confidence and skills in the key areas of speaking and listening, reading and writing.

The curriculum in KS3:

Each year group has the opportunity to study popular and thought-provoking novels taken from a range of authors these include titles such as ‘Private Peaceful, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘The Hunger Games’. Each text explores different themes and contexts and allows students to discover many genres.

Students also learn how to develop their writing abilities by undertaking a wide variety of learning activities that improve their language and presentation skills. In using different sources, students are inspired to develop a love of both reading and writing.

In studying and experimenting with fiction, non-fiction and media texts students are developing lifelong literacy skills.

The curriculum in KS4:

In KS4 the pupils build upon the literacy skills they have developed within KS3, and continue to extend these in greater depth through a varied and detailed curriculum.

In addition they are supported in learning key exam skills to enrich their speaking and listening, reading and writing.  Students have the opportunity to undertake various accreditations including GCSE English, GCSE Media and Functional skills qualifications.