Design and Technology

The Design and Technology Department at Cornfield School is a very popular DSCN1537and successful area. Students engage in a varied programme of activities ranging from pneumatic rocket cars to robots driven by electric motors. The projects are all very practical based with lots of hands on experience of materials, tools and processes. Learning about Health and Safety in the workshop goes hand in hand with appropriate use and selection of tools. This knowledge and understanding of tools, materials and processes leads to confident and self motivated design ideas from the students. The focus is very much about building and making products. Students are encouraged to develop their own design specifications and ideas independently, through market research, taking ownership of the products they produce.   DSCN1172

In Key Stage 4 students are able to select Design Technology as an option for GCSE. They follow the AQA Resistant Materials syllabus which allows them to continue successfully developing their own products and designs. Students also develop skills in product analysis and modification, reviewing briefs and specifications. The Design Technology Department is successful in many ways. There is strong engagement and learning in the subject and high achievements in exam results.