The intent in the Cornfield Art Department is to help the students celebrate creativity, grow in self-esteem and belief and produce the most amazing Art Work. Students are influenced by exciting and stimulating examples of Modern Contemporary and classic Artworks. The students achieve great results by making personal and meaningful responses to Fine Art from around the world. Students develop confidence through experimental use of materials and develop independence and resilience.
Students use a wide range of materials but are encouraged to make their own informed choices, appropriate to their intentions. Projected images are used to gain confidence and support students to get amazing results by using technology productively. Students celebrate their work around the school with displays and interactions with school corridors and walls. Moving round the school is like walking through a gallery.
As the students move up through the school they grow in confidence and produce outstanding work culminating in students gaining a range of accreditation including AQA Unit Awards and achieve great success in GCSE Art and Design.