The Art Department at Cornfield School is very successful and popular with all the students. It is an area where students can express through a wide variety of media and processes. Students find success and self-belief through their achievements in the Art Department. Art work is displayed all around the school and students take great pride in their achievements.






Students are encouraged to develop their work through analytical and cultural approaches to the work of Artists and Designers. They refine their work and ideas and enjoy independent experimentation of materials and processes. Personal explorations of techniques and processes are a strong focus. Students are encouraged to record ideas and observation in relevant and stimulating ways.








The ethos of the Department is that the students   produce a personal response to a varied and   exciting range of cultural resources. All students are   encouraged to determine their own outcomes and   are discouraged from asking ‘what do I do now?’,   instead they have to tell us what they intend to do   and why. This helps develop self-confidence and   ownership of their work and their learning. All   eligible KS4 students partake in the AQA GCSE Art   and Design syllabus and enjoy tremendous success   with consistently high grades up to A*.