Daily Archives: March 12, 2013

WRL for Year 10

Title: WRL for Year 10Description: Another opportunity for the students in Year10 to experience the world of work, putting all their skills into practice!Start Date: 2013-07-15End Date: 2013-07-19

Lifestyle Choices

Title: Lifestyle ChoicesDescription: A Focus Week for KS3, looking at and experiencing the healthier alternatives to some of our lifestyle choices – not just a week about food, but lots of activities, sports and thought provoking sessions!Start Date: 2013-07-15End Date: 2013-07-19

Parents’ Evening

Title: Parents’ EveningDescription: Traditionally a barbecue and a chat to pull together the events and achievements of the year, this is one of our highlights so please, keep the evening free and look out for the details!Start Time: 6pmDate: 2013-07-02End Time: 8pm